Thursday, January 15, 2015

New year, new Interpreters’ Help!

Happy New Year 2015!

Over the past 8 months, we have been working on revamping Interpreters’Help.
We have taken into account the feedback we have received, (thank you so much for that) and we have tried to compile your wishes in a new website, with an improved design.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s new.

The new Interpreters’ Help aims to be more social. You now have a public profile page with all the info you want to share e.g. your city, biography, education, language combination, website, etc… 
It also features the glossaries you share publicly.
You can interact with other members by following them, for example if you like their glossaries.
You can also message them and grow your network.

Introducing "Glossary Farm"

"Glossary Farm" is composed of glossaries shared publicly by members. You can easily search for public glossaries on any topic. You can interact by starring a glossary or following his author.

If you are a member, you can copy a public glossary to your own account and use it privately and edit it for your own use.

Many of you mentioned they like the idea of sharing glossaries for 2 major reasons: 
  • to be able to use glossaries made by others and save on prep time 
  • because they put so much work into their glossaries, they sometimes feel frustrated that they might use them only once. 

Now there is a place to share glossaries on the web, to search for them even without an account on the website. Check it out.

The glossary page

We have focused most of our work on the page that shows your glossary.

All interactions with the glossary are made from this page:

Edit terms with a double-click (no separate page anymore).

You can now 
  • create a custom labelled column 
  • reorder columns 
  • add a short description to a glossary.

Themes have been replaced by tags.


The design has been improved with a bigger search input.
Search is not case or accent sensitive.

It now supports substitutions like:

à, á, â, åa
ä, æae
é, è, ê, ëe
í, î, ïi
ó, ô, øo
ú, ûu
Contact us if you’d like more substitutions.

Import terms from file

The glossary importer has been completely rewritten. 

To import a glossary, use the "Import terms" button, on the glossary page.

  • You can import terms from multiple files.
  • You can see an history of imported files.
  • We securely store the files in your account so that you can retrieve them later.
  • You can revert an import.

Organize a team for an assignment, share info and material

You can now create an assignment, fill all the information about it, attach glossaries, attach files and share it with other members, "the team". The team can comment on the assignment.

What’s next on our roadmap

- We are working on a "BoothMode" page that will allow you to perform term search on all your glossaries the same way BoothMate does.

- "Public glossaries contribution": a way for anyone to help improve public glossaries.

- BoothMate for iOS (iPad version of BoothMate

- Glossary learning mode (on iPad, iPhone)

We need your input and your opinion to optimize the software for you. Don’t hesitate to send us feedback.